Reduces Algae Photosynthesis and
Makes Beautiful Blue Ponds

Hydro Shade™ blue pond tint


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Creates a beautiful pure blue water color
  • Creates a beautiful pure blue tint to ponds, water features, and fountains
  • Provides shade for Koi and ornamental pond fish
  • Protects fish from harmful UV rays
  • Helps fish hide from predators
  • Safe for Koi and ornamental pond fish, aquatic plants, birds, and wildlife
  • Non-toxic
  • Eco friendly
  • Works in seconds
  • Does not affect pH
  • Does not interfere with the nitrification cycle
  • 3 year shelf life 
Hydro Shade in a koi pond


Hydro Shade™ blue pond tint will quickly turn your water into a beautiful shade of pure blue. Hydro Shade™ blue pond tint is the perfect pure blue color for decorative ponds. It provides a beautiful contrast to all types of landscaping.  Hydro Shade™ blue pond tint is our customer’s favorite pond color.

Hydro-Shade™ blue pond tint protects and shades your pond. It also enhances your pond’s natural color and beauty. Concentrated formula uses 10 milliliters of Hydro-Shade™ blue pond tint to treat what would require several ounces of typical brands. This makes Hydro-Shade™ blue pond tint extremely cost efficient. It saves you money and provides you with value.

Hydro-Shade™ blue pond tint provides a beautiful pure blue color. Adjusting the amount of color is as easy as adding more or using less Hydro-Shade™. Start out with partial doses until your preferred shade of blue is achieved. If you make the water too dark, don’t worry, it is not harmful. Simply add water to the pond to dilute the color.