Floating Biological Filter Media

HydroFoam™ Beads floating filter media


HydroFoam™ Beads Floating Fluid Bed Bio Media provide high surface area for bio reaction down to 5 microns and superior water polishing down to 100 microns for clean and healthy water. 2.5 cubic feet per bag. 

Easy to clean, buoyant, non-clogging bead media that creates a fluidized media bed. This high surface area bio media backwashes with low pressure water – so no air blower is required.

High Surface Area Bio Media

HydroFoam™ is made from food-grade Styrofoam beads in multiple sizes. The Styrofoam beads are lighter in weight than plastic or glass beads found in other beads filters. Being so lightweight, they actually float “on top” of the water creating a fluidized media bed.

The extreme buoyancy of HydroFoam™ beads means that they are easily backwashed with low pressure water. Backwashing with low pressure water is better for the beneficial bacteria living on the bio media. This eliminates the need for two-speed pumps and air blowers for backwashing.