Biofilter Starter and Maintenance

Nitrification Cycle Biofilter Start

Nitrification Cycle is a proprietary blend of highly concentrated bacteria strains Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, and Nitrospira that jump starts all types of biofilters.  Nitrification Cycle is the process of converting toxic ammonia into nitrite, then converts nitrite into nitrate.  Nitrate is then removed from the water as nitrogen.

Nitrification Cycle contains cold water bacteria species that perform in cold water as low as 35°. Start out with the startup dosage, then as ammonia levels reach zero, lower the dosage to maintenance levels.  Use weekly until water ammonia is at zero, then use bi-weekly to maintain a healthy biofilter that performs at its peak. 

Nitrification Cycle is can be used in all types of biofilters for all types of ponds and aquariums. Use every spring season to jump start your biofilter.