HBV-21 Koi Pond Kit with C-2520 pump No Auto Fill Kit
HBV-21 Koi Pond Kit with C-2520 pump No Auto Fill Kit
HBV-21 Koi Pond Kit with C-3600-B pump and Auto Fill Kit
HBV-21 Koi Pond Kit with C-2520-B Pump and Auto FIll Kit
HBV-21 Koi Pond Kit with C-3600-B pump and No Auto FIll Kit

Russell Professional Pond & Pondless Products

HBV-21 Series Koi Pond Kits

Sale price$5,351.99
Pond Size:8'w X 10'l X 4'd
Choice of Pump:External 2520 gph C-2520
Auto Water Fill Kit:25' Auto Water Fill Kit

REAL Koi Pond Kits - Not a Water Garden Pond Kits Marketed as Koi Pond Kits

HBV-21 HydroBead Vortex™ Series koi pond kits

HBV-21 HydroBead Vortex Series Koi Pond Kits

    • Choice of Koi Pond Size: 8'x10', 10'x12', 12'x14' each at 4' depth
    • HBV-21 HydroBead™ Vortex koi pond filter
    • Seagull HydroClean™ pond skimmer
    • HydroSieve™ bottom drain pre-filter
    • Choice of external pump with leaf trap: C-2520, or C-3600
    • 1½"Custom CVA with intake strainer
    • 1½" Check valve for HydroSieve™
    • Aeration kit: PA-3000, PA-4000, or PA-6000 depending on pond size 
    • 1½" flexible PVC pipe: 35', or 50' depending on pond size
    • 36 watt UV clarifier with 1½"tees, ball valve, and adaptors
    • 3" bottom drain
    • 1½" 3-way valve for flow control between skimmer and sieve
    • 45 ml EPDM rubber pond liner
    • Underlayment
    • 1½" Fittings for three pond returns including: 2 tees, 3 ball valves, and 3 rubber collars
    • Glue, primer, silicone
    • 3" pipe NOT INCLUDED

A koi pond kit is very different than a water garden pond kit. A water garden pond kit is NOT a koi pond kit.  A koi pond kit is for deeper ponds that do not have rock and gravel, or water plants in the pond. There are many water garden pond kits falsely marketed online as "koi pond kits", but before purchasing a water garden pond kit for a koi pond, do a little research first so you won't be disappointed with the result.

What is a koi pond? Click here for complete details.

Our HBV-21 Series Small and Medium Koi Pond Kits are actual koi pond kits, not water garden kits misrepresented as koi pond kits like so many found online. Each koi pond kit we assemble for you takes the guesswork out of building an actual koi pond. Unlike water garden pond kits, each small or medium koi pond kit we assemble for you is complete with a koi pond bead filter, bottom drain with pre-filter, external pond pump, pond skimmer, aeration kit, UV clarifier, and all fittings. Pond liner, underlay, aeration kit, and pipe length is matched to the koi pond size you choose. 3" pipe is not included due to high shipping costs - 3" pipe can be found locally at any big box home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowes.

Each of our complete koi pond kits can be installed in-ground, above ground, or a combination of both. The only difference between an above ground koi pond and an in-ground koi pond is how you build it. Dig a hole, or build a structure. You can build it both ways too. No matter the finished look, the koi pond filtration system will be the same.

See how to build a koi pond that is half in-ground, and half above ground by clicking this link: How to Build a Koi Pond

REAL Koi Pond Kits - Not Water Garden Pond Kits Marketed as Koi Pond Kits

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