Beautiful water garden fish pond with two step waterfalls and a girl hand feeding koi
Beautiful four step waterfalls over boulders into a pond - built by Russell Watergardens

Easy to clean - Backwashable Filter - Multiple Pump Options

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The Original Pondless Waterfall that started it all - a four tiered waterfall cascading down with pink bloom plants on the side

Our Ultimate Innovative Easy to Clean

Pondless waterfall kits

Compare Our Ultimate Pondless Waterfall Kit to All Other Brands and You Will Understand Why We're Different - Ours Are Easy to Clean!

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Beautiful clean waterfalls and pond by using HydroClear pond water treatments from Russell Watergardens

For Clean and healthy pond

Hydro Clear Water Treatments

Fish safe, non-toxic water treatments for all types of ponds and pondless water features including beneficial bacteria for every season.

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What Our Customers Say

I’ve wanted to build a water feature for years but the time or place was never right. In 2023 everything came together to finally do it. I had been emailing back-and-forth with Pam Russell for several years about my plans for a Pondless waterfall while doing a lot of research. I had settled on Russell Watergardens to use as the backbone for my build. The combination of design, quality and outstanding customer service lead to that decision. During the pre-purchase planning and design phase, Pam was simply outstanding. I would have made a lot of mistakes without her guidance. She’s a very quick communicator, extremely knowledgeable about the products as well as about the design of waterfalls. I had a ton of questions and she never seemed to grow tired of them. Her knowledge and input into my design and purchase of materials was simply invaluable. She even helped navigate the somewhat tricky logistics for the delivery, which is more complicated than you might think when you don’t live in an urban area. Now to the products. My project was a rather ambitious DIY first time build I admit. It features two waterfall heads combining into a single stream about halfway down a 15 foot drop hill in my backyard. The total water course is about 45 feet long and 2 feet wide. Pam helped me determine the amount of water volume that it would have and the materials it would take. I ended up with two hydro sieves at the end collection point. These two sieves connected to three Hydro Chambers. I used the Hydro Vortex at the top. With the length and and flow rate that, I wanted, I chose one of the larger external, 1350 gps extern pumps. She helped me with the planning and where to place the pump accommodate the head and flow characteristics to give me a good amount of water volume. Working alone, the project was definitely hard work, but was a labor of love and a dream come true for me. We have yet to finish the plantings around the waterfall, but are enjoying it nonetheless. I can’t recommend Russell Watergardens highly enough, and specificially Pam as an invaluable resource.


Delivering an experience you can only get from Russell ... the most respected name in water features More Design Options. Easier to Install Easy to Clean & Maintain with the Lowest Cost of Ownership.

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John and Pamela Russell donating $10,000 dollars to Children's Hospital on September 11, 2003

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Russell Watergardens was founded by John and Pamela Russell with a dedication to outstanding customer service and a commitment to supporting our communities.